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Report from the 2018

Scottish Gathering of Enterprise Architect Users

Held in Livingston on Tuesday 23rd October 2018

Written by Gillian Adens, Director at Hippo Software

In October 2018 Hippo Software hosted a gathering of EA users in Scotland. Twenty-eight delegates from sixteen different organisations signed up to attend this event. This included some delegates travelling from as far away as Ireland, Wales and The Netherlands as well as lots of delegates travelling the length and breadth of Scotland, coming from Livingston, Kirkcaldy, Glenrothes, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Barrhead. In addition we were joined by Sparx Systems via video link from Australia. Delegates enjoyed a friendly and interactive event – a fantastic opportunity for networking and knowledge sharing.

New Features in Enterprise Architect Version 14

We were delighted to welcome Tom O’Reilly, Chief Operations Officer from Sparx Systems via live link with Australia.

Tom provided a presentation on all of the significant new features available in EA V14. He covered topics such as the introduction of perspectives to declutter the user interface and focus on a specific technology set, the new context browser, new workspace layouts, a new meta-model mechanism to filter diagram content, the inline specification manager, enhanced property windows and new patterns in the model wizard.

Tom was also able to announce the acquisition of Prolaborate.which will provide EA users with a web based mechanism for sharing EA model content with a wide range of business stakeholders.

Enterprise Architect and Reverse Engineering Databases

Our next presentation was delivered by Andrew Macfarlane, Senior IT Developer (Data) at Edinburgh Napier University.

Andrew provided a user’s perspective on EA’s facilities for reverse engineering databases. He started by explaining the motivation for undertaking this activity. He then provided a structured walkthrough of the EA interface and added lots of personal hints and tips. He also discussed generating reports to share database information.

Enterprise Architect SysML Package for Spacecraft Design

Our final speaker of the morning was Douglas McNeil, Spacecraft Systems Engineer from Craft Prospect.

Douglas provided a really interesting explanation of the project that his company is engaged in. He then went on to explain how they are using a Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) approach. He described how Sparx EA is being used to address and avoid many typical project pitfalls such as lack of user involvement, issues with project timescales, poor requirements, scope creep, change control and poor testing.

Douglas demonstrated how they are using SysML notation and techniques to ensure a common language to facilitate communication of concepts and technical information. Finally he discussed lessons learned from their experiences.

Improving Quality of Models within Sparx Repository

After lunch our final presentation was delivered by Paul Fisher, Business Architect at Office for National Statistics (ONS).

Paul discussed his wide range of experience with Sparx EA, using it on projects for ONS, IPO and Deutsche Bank. These projects ranged considerably in size and scope but focussed on BPMN and ArchiMate models.

Paul presented an approach to iteratively analyse, evaluate and improve model quality within Sparx EA. He demonstrated this approach through some specific examples including elements with no description, duplicate named elements, orphan elements and poor diagram quality. He talked about using peer reviews, searches or scripts to monitor and report on model quality and permitting this to identify training needs to help reinforce standards & guidelines.

Interactive Discussion Groups

We had three separate discussion groups:

·         Documentation, Reporting and Stakeholder Engagement
- facilitated by Ian Mitchell, Ability Engineering

·         Project Lifecycle, As-Is, To-Be and Time Aware Models
- facilitated by Gareth Tuckwell, Hippo Software

·         Data Governance, GDPR, Logical and Physical Models
- facilitated by Gordon Hunter, Hippo Software

In the afternoon we organised ourselves into discussion groups on topics of interest to delegates. Each group debated the use of EA for different aspects of modelling and delegates reported back to everyone on their collective findings, ideas and opinions.

Enterprise ‘Agony Aunt’

The day concluded with an interactive session facilitated by Gillian Adens, Hippo Software.

Delegates were asked to share any Enterprise Architect worries or problems to benefit from comforting advice and collective wisdom. A fun session to end the day!

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