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EA and ArchiMate for Business Architecture

This course is aimed at business architects who are new to both ArchiMate and Enterprise Architect. It covers the ArchiMate business layer for modelling business organisation, processes and products, the motivation extension for identifying stakeholders, drivers, goals and requirements as well as strategy elements that focus on capabilities.
Duration: 3 days

Prerequisites: No prior Enterprise Architect or ArchiMate experience is required.
A background in business architecture is helpful.

Equipment: For on-site delivery the customer should provide a suitable training room with a screen or projector to connect to our trainer's laptop and a whiteboard or flipchart. All delegates require a PC or laptop running Enterprise Architect.
For webinar delivery delegates require a PC or laptop running Enterprise Architect with an Internet connection (a headset can be helpful). If you wish to test your environment join a test WebEx meeting:
A trial version of Enterprise Architect is fine for training and can be downloaded from Sparx Systems website: It is also helpful to have a mouse as this makes creating diagrams much easier.
Course Style: 35% theory, 65% practical.
Each module is accompanied by paper and hands-on exercises to allow delegates to apply the theory and become confident using Enterprise Architect.
Delegate Handouts: Each delegate receives a folder containing all the course slides and comprehensive theory notes which form excellent reference material. Folders also contain exercises and suggested solutions. Following successful completion of the course each delegate receives a certificate.
Module Key: Teaches concepts and notation

  Teaches practical use of Enterprise Architect
             Covers BPMN, UML, SysML and/or ArchiMate

Course Outline

      Includes paper exercises, EA hands-on sessions

Course Modules: HIPPO 00    Introduction   hour          
  HIPPO 60  EA Essentials  2 hours      
  HIPPO 40  ArchiMate Overview   hour      
  HIPPO 87+  EA + ArchiMate Business Essentials  3 hours
  HIPPO 88+  EA + ArchiMate Business Advanced  2 hours
  HIPPO 89+  EA + ArchiMate Motivation  3 hours
  HIPPO 90+  EA + ArchiMate Strategy  2 hours
  HIPPO 101  EA Team Working  1 hour      
  HIPPO 102  EA Reporting  1 hour      

Course Details:

HIPPO 00  Introduction

  Delegate background and objectives

  Timetable and course outline

HIPPO 60  EA Essentials

   1 hour  

 EA Hands-On Exercises  1 hours  

  Introduction to EA

  Navigate the EA user interface

  Create project models in EA

  Create diagrams in EA

  Understand the structure of EA projects

  Create and delete elements in EA

  Search for elements in EA

HIPPO 40  ArchiMate Overview


  What is ArchiMate?

  ArchiMate core layers and extensions

  Mapping to TOGAF

  Language structure

  Derived relationships

  Stakeholders, viewpoints and views

  Relationship with UML and BPMN

  ArchiMate as a toolkit


HIPPO 87+  EA + ArchiMate Business Essentials

   1 hour  

 Paper Exercises  1 hour  

 EA Hands-On Exercises  1 hours  

  Create business layer diagrams in EA

  Business actors and roles

  Model actors and roles in EA

  Explore traceability in EA

  Use relationship matrix in EA

  Organisation viewpoint

  Present organisation viewpoint in EA

  Business functions and data flows

  Create business functions and data flows in EA

  Business processes and events

  Business object model and relationship

  Add processes, events and objects in EA

  Link to BPMN models in EA

  Business services

  Catalogue business services in EA

  Business process co-operation viewpoint

  Business process co-operation viewpoint in EA


HIPPO 88+  EA + ArchiMate Business Advanced


 Paper Exercises  1 hour  

 EA Hands-On Exercises   hour  

  Business collaborations and interactions

  Define collaborations and interactions in EA

  Business interfaces

  Model business interfaces in EA


  Add representations in EA

  Products and contracts

  Document products and contracts in EA

  Product viewpoint

  Illustrate the product viewpoint in EA

HIPPO 89+  EA + ArchiMate Motivation

   1 hour  

 Paper Exercises  1 hour  

 EA Hands-On Exercises  1 hour  

  Create motivation diagrams in EA

  Stakeholders and drivers

  Identify stakeholders and their drivers in EA

  Assessments and goals

  Document assessments and goals in EA

  Stakeholder viewpoint

  Create stakeholder viewpoint in EA

  Requirements, constraints and principles

  Capture requirements and constraints in EA

  Model influence relationships in EA

  Map goals to principles in EA

  Goal realization viewpoint

  Present goal realization viewpoint in EA

  Requirements realization viewpoint

  Show requirements realization viewpoint in EA

  Motivation viewpoint

  Illustrate entire motivation viewpoint in EA


HIPPO 90+  EA + ArchiMate Strategy


 Paper Exercises  1 hour  

 EA Hands-On Exercises  1 hour  

  Create strategy diagrams in EA


  Document capabilities in EA

  Capability map viewpoint

  Create capability map viewpoint in EA


  Catalogue resources in EA

  Resource map viewpoint

  Produce resource map viewpoint in EA

  Courses of action

  Define courses of action in EA

  Strategy viewpoint

  Model strategy viewpoint in EA

  Outcome realisation viewpoint

  Record outcome realisation viewpoint in EA

HIPPO 101  EA Team Working


 EA Hands-On Exercises   hour  

  Use a shared network drive for EA

  Create replica projects with EA

  Connect to DBMS repository or cloud with EA

  Packages and responsibility in EA

  Enable security in EA

  Import and export XMI with EA

  Define controlled packages in EA

  Baselines and differences in EA

  Enable auditing in EA

  Assign resources to tasks in EA

  Define working sets in EA

  Conduct team reviews in EA

HIPPO 102  EA Reporting


 EA Hands-On Exercises   hour  

  Create project glossary in EA

  Generate MS Word, RTF or PDF from EA

  Select document options in EA

  Create document templates in EA

  Produce HTML reports from EA

  Customise HTML templates in EA

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